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Media Release: This election is a referendum on your fishing rights

The Australia Recreational Fishing Foundation (ARFF), the peak national body representing Australia’s recreational fishing community says this Saturday’s election is a referendum on the fishing rights of Australia’s 5 million recreational fishers.

“Conversely, the Coalition has promised to suspend the Marine Park process and conduct a scientific review. In simple terms, they have stated that they would stop the lockouts and base marine park decisions on good science and consultation.

“We have given Labor and the Greens every opportunity to say why they want to lock us out of vast areas of our seas. To date, we have not received any answers. Even Treasurer Bowen cannot get a clear answer from Environment Minister Mark Butler on this issue (see attached letter). The only response recreational fishers have had from Minister Butler is an email asking them to fund his lock out policy.

“What is concerning is the precedent the Labor – Greens ‘Lock out’ policy sets for Australia. We understand that environmental groups have further anti–angling Marine Park Lock outs that they want to see. There is also the very real issue of potential antifishing lock outs in land based National parks.

“This is why we consider the election on September 7 a referendum on Aussie angler fishing rights. You don’t need to lock Aussie anglers out of marine national parks to have good marine conservation outcomes. All you need is good science and consultation.” Mr Hansard said.