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Words from the Deputy Chairman

In reference to the Media Release: "This election is a referendum on your fishing rights"

Hi everyone, I thought that it would be important for all of us to understand how the labor/greens have shafted us & that the coalition LNP, at least are the only major party to publicly support Recfishers on MPA'S issues.
This is really a referendum for us & can lead to labor changing its policy on MPA'S in the future if they get the message loud & clear enough,from this election.
The advice I've been given is that it can be dangerous to vote for minor parties in the senate unless you're sure where preferences are going.
My thoughts are to stick to the major party that supports us,particularly in the senate where a majority is required to roll the bad news MPA'S legislation & reduce the green & unknown independents. It was unknown independents who supported the lab/greens on the lockout in the last parliament.
If you want to go to smaller parties the following link may help you make a call regarding the dangers in preferences.

Anyway all it's been a 12 month journey with ARFF to try & get us a fair go as Recfishers & hopefully we'll get a win for fishers.

Good luck & thanks.

Adrian Wayne
Deputy Chairman - USFA Inc.