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We as spearfishermen have some very real issues to deal with, e.g. the grey nurse shark exclusion zones and the Marine National Parks. There are very highly organized and politicized groups out there who would want the whole of our coastline preserved for nothing more than observation and would deny our basic right to catch a feed of fish!

Well to be a member of our organization means that you have a collective voice to speak out against those issues that threaten the very fabric of our sport, something that is very hard to do as an individual. The USFA is funding these fights and need as many members as possible to show the governing bodies that we are united and that we have the numbers to make a difference.

The USFA generally represents members from the state of New South Wales but is also affiliated with the Australian Underwater Federation who is the national body. This gives the USFA real ‘weight’ when dealing with the authorities.

Other reasons to join the USFA are:

  • Competition – The Clubs of the USFA organize both monthly (Alliman & Taylor shields) and state competitions such as the Bluewater Classic, South Coast, Shoal Bay and the state titles to name a few.
  • Insurance – As a member of the USFA you are covered by a sporting injuries insurance policy which covers you in the event of an accident.
  • USFA website – Through its website & daily email alerts the USFA makes extensive use of the internet to keep members & supporters informed of legislative developments, media releases & general matters of interest.
  • Youth development & Diving Safety Education – the USFA is committed to diver education programs and the nurturing of our youth to participate in our sport in the safest manner possible.
  • Independants – Independent divers are encouraged to join and have a representative to stand for any issues or suggestions they may have.